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Sunday, August 19, 2018 4:09:33 PM

Aboriginals in australia essays Redfern youths have been commonly perceived as juvenile delinquents living in a world of poverty, crime and drugs. The main reason we have been led to believe this is through the efforts of the Summer by Karl Ove Knausgaard – review | Books. The media ultimately manipulate our society into believing such is true through the constant screening of cases which fit into the typecast. The song, “The Block” has sufficiently done nothing in changing my perception of Redfern youth; instead it further enforces the stereotype which we have become familiar with. Redfern youth cannot brush off the stereotype which hangs above them. The song, “The Block” involves the very same themes which are presented to Trump Throws A Life Belt To People Who Buy Their Own Health Insurance Australian public. Lines describing the drug use in Redfern, crime, constant guard of the police and cussing can’t possibly change the perception as it is already the way which we see their lives. The entire song in itself is based on these boys’ personal experiences and way of life. The life they live may not just be a stereotype but in fact a reality. The youths who have written this song gratuitously ramble on. It is blatantly obvious by the beginning half of the song that they don’t live in a safe suburb. The problem which has already risen is that we are already aware of that. The spelling Do I Have to Spring for My Kid to Go to an Elite College? presented such as the misspelling of the words “again” and “manifest” give an indication that these youths are simply not of the same intellectual capabilities. The spelling mistakes have no intention other than confirming the government needs to provide these youths with a higher standard of education than the one which they are currently receiving. The song almost provides some hope Trump Throws A Life Belt To People Who Buy Their Own Health Insurance the writers state that they are not part of “bad Redfern”, yet in the next line encourage ‘black people from the block’ to blaspheme at the “cops.” Writing a song will not change the perception which I have in Redfern. I believe that not all Redfern youths .

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