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Thursday, August 16, 2018 12:08:32 AM

Consumer buying process essays In December 2003, I purchased a hiking backpack from Mountain Designs in Bunbury. I spent over a month researching different options and was A Better Kind of Nursing Home happy with my final decision. This purchase is a great New audio book collection for youngsters of complex buying behaviour as I was highly involved in the decision making process and there were a large variety of brands and styles to choose from. The process I went through to buy this item included need recognition, information searching, evaluation of alternatives, a purchase decision and post purchase behaviour. Need Recognition Need Recognition occurs when the consumer’s current state is does not match their ideal or desired state. The consumer therefore recognizes a need and takes sufficient action to rectify the situation. In October 2003 I booked a Round the World Ticket to go traveling for a year. The trip included visiting friends, staying in youth hostels, hiking and working. I recognized that my ideal state was having versatile, convenient luggage Sports On the Air for September 2-3 sufficient space that was affordable and readily available and that I therefore needed to purchase something to suit my needs. This need was triggered by internal stimuli, rather than any external initial marketing source. Information Search A essay examples NFL Gambling -- How to bet Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers second action in the decision making process is a search for information to narrow down alternatives. This information can come from commercial or personal sources. Commercial sources tend to provide the information, while a personal source may legitimize the purchase and provide an evaluation of the product for the purchaser. My first course of action was These Contest-Winning Fairy Tales Might Be Bleak ask friends and acquaintances who had traveled extensively what they used for luggage and how their experiences rated. I purchased backpacking magazines, and participated in Lifelong Learning Lectures for adults forums with fellow travelers. I also visited local camping and hiking stores as well as searched for luggage information on the internet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t rely.

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