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1860 to 1945: women's changing lives essays During the period of 1860 to 1945, there was a constant battle for equality for women as there was a constant shift in both social, economic and political aspects. There was either a continuity of the old traditional views, such as women being in the home, being unable to vote and work once married. However, during this period there has been some inspirational women that have changed the course of women history forever, women such as Nellie Taylor Ross, Florence Allen, Mary Mcleod and Eleanor Roosevelt. Along with many different pressure groups such as AWSA, NWSA; which later formed the NAWSA. At the start of the 20th century half if high school graduates were female; which showed that women were improving in the education sector. But this could be argued that it didn't lead to them aspiring to high paid jobs, but simply a way to find a husband. So overall this would be seen as a continuing tradition and not a change due to there being no alter in the women's frame of mind. However during the first world war, women had a taste of the male lifestyle as during the first world war (1917) there was a 2018 Full Business Plan Based on the Launch of an Illustrative Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO increased demand for labor which resulted in married women coming out of the home and into the factories as their husbands had gone off to fight. In the cities they worked in factories making, bullets, bombs, helmets etc, whereas in the countryside, women continued to plow the fields, sow the seed and harvest the crop. However whilst these women were doing the same work as their husbands before them they were only getting a small percentage of what their husbands originally earned. But there seemed to The Upside Trailer: Bryan Cranston & Kevin Hart Lead Intouchables Remake essay no mass protest against this so there is a possibility that they weren't interested in earning money maybe they were interested in helping those in the war. However this was only but a short term change to their lifestyle due to soon as the war ended in 1919 all the men came back into the work place and the all the women that repl.

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