Why shy teachers like shy students

Monday, August 06, 2018 2:00:34 PM

Cross media ownership essays Cross Media Ownership Cross Media Ownership Budget system Kakeibo can help save money and track spending the company who hold and control many media in an cooperation as a monopoly. These company use many media and they can control the people’s opinion and attitude. Because almost every media that we got are belong to them. And “ Traffic Corner Holding PCL “ is one of these company. Traffic Corner Holding PCL., is holding many media like TV network, they do about sports and news and about music. RADIO network, they have many radio programs such as Thai culture musicmodern music and news network. Event Management Business, They do as the event organizer and the organize live concert including popular foreigner artist. And New media, They have audio text through the phone line, they produce the content to many websites, short message services through the mobile phone and Why shy teachers like shy students MAYA Channel Newspaper. They have many media in hand so they can control the message they want to spread out to the people. When the media is controlled by a monopoly, we are not getting diverse information, we are being fed exactly what the monopoly want us Discovering the magic of Edinburgh digest. And the problem is that they are not looking out for what is best for us as the public, but rather, what is best for them as in bottom line corporate profit. The best way to ensure that the media provide the public with vary and contradictory views of events is by ensuring that they belong to different owners. A Bali airport remains operational despite eruption - The Jakarta Post that owns many media such as newspaper, TV network and RADIO network in the same market cannot be expected to offer the same diversity of views as many competing operators could provide. Outlet of diversity is always thought to be essential in ensuring viewpoint diversity.

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