Essay writing Game 163s: Whos got the edge in Brewers-Cubs and Rockies-Dodgers?

Sunday, August 05, 2018 6:47:33 PM

Writing personality essays What is your favorite or best piece of writing? For a piece of writing to be my favorite, not only do I have to like the outcome I have to enjoy the process of writing it. For this reason I don’t like to be given a very specific topic to write on I like a little bit of individuality to be incorporated into the paper. I really enjoyed writing for my Comp 1 teacher Mrs. V, I wrote what I feel were my best pieces then. My favorite being a essay on NFL Week 4 experts winners picks for Dolphins at Patriots self-obituary. It was very reflective and allowed me to put a lot of my self in the piece. I got a lot of praise for it from the class and the teacher; she ended up using it as a model for other classes. How do I approach writing tasks? For the most part I like to get it out of the way. I don’t like writing, then taking a break. I feel like I get two separate feels to the paper if I do that. I like my papers to have one constant flow. I rather only do one first draft, and I don’t like to over think my paper. I may consider a bit about what I’m going to write about but I don’t enjoy over analyzing it. I like the thoughts to flow freely. My physical act of writing. I really rather write at night, late into the night. I do everything but math well at night. My brain Urban Bird Feeders Are Changing the Course of Evolution free of the day’s happenings. I like to be alone when I write, essay writing Game 163s: Whos got the edge in Brewers-Cubs and Rockies-Dodgers? people are around I make excuses to not write or my train of thought gets derailed. I like for a TV or music to be on in the background. It keeps me alert. I cant write on a desktop computer, it drives me nuts to conformed to a certain space and position. I can only write on my laptop, so I can move around to where I feel most comfortable at the time. I hate writing with pen and paper; I focus too much on other things besides the words, my handwriting, and my hand hurting. It just doesn’t come as freely to me. I also like to have sunflower seeds and a coke when I am writing. The sunflower seeds keep my attention while I crunch .

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