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The technique in the great gat essays om the style of his earlier works. II. The technique in The Great Gatsby A. Point of view 1. Introduction of the point of view Point of view, in literature, is the vantage point used by the WI to convey his material. Put another way, point of view is the position from which the story is told. There are four common points WI view, four positions the author can adopt in telling the story3: 1) Omniscient point of view In the omniscient position, the author—not one of the characters—tells the story, and the author assumes complete knowledge of the characters’ actions and thoughts. The author can thus move at will from one place to another, one time to another, one character to another, and one can even spend his or her own views directly to Gov. Doug Ducey finally troubled by laws that turn lawmakers into charter school millionaires reader as the work goes along. The author will tell us anything he or she chooses about the created world of the work. 2) Limited omniscient point of view When the limited omniscient position is used, the author still narrates the story, but restricts (limits) his or her revelation—and therefore our knowledge—of the thoughts of all but one character. 3) First-person point of view In the first-person position, the author is even more restricted: one of the characters tells the story, eliminating the author as narrator. Whereas in the limited omniscient point of view, the author can reveal anything about one character—even things the character may be dimly aware of—here, the narration is restricted to what one character says he or she observes. 4) Objected (dramatic) point of view In the objected position, the author is more restricted than any other. Though the author is the narrator, he or she refuses to enter the minds of any of the characters. The writer sees them (and lets us see them) as we would in real life. This point of view is sometimes called “dramatic” because we see the characters as we would the characters in a play. We learn about them from what they sa.

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