Pilot boots New York activist Tamika Mallory from American Airlines flight over seat dispute - NY Da

Thursday, August 23, 2018 4:17:24 AM

Sor juana's the answer essays In The Answer, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz effectively illustrates her own unjust exploitation by inferring a parallel between the social restrictions and betrayal that lead to her destruction and the crown of thorns Christ wore during his crucifixion. Both the criticism and odium Sor Juana received for her intellectual pursuits and Christ’s crown of thorns were literally and figuratively aimed towards the head and intended to injure the place in the body where thoughts and ideas originated. Sor Juana elaborates on her own pain and frustration by ironically comparing Christ’s crown to one of the Roman crowns of glory. Finally, by illustrating the similarities between her own eradication and the crucifixion of Christ, Sor Juana confirms that her own pain and Pilot boots New York activist Tamika Mallory from American Airlines flight over seat dispute - NY Da may be beneficial and inspirational to others in the future. Sor Juana establishes the primary link between her own oppressors and the crown of thorns by identifying how both are meant to condemn her own and Christ’s beliefs and goals. Sor Juana makes this connecting by first explaining the literal and figurative meanings of the crown, and then applying these meanings to her own life. Unlike all the other instruments used in mocking Christ, the only one that literally caused pain. Worn on the head, the thorns pierced into his skull, which contained his mind: “the storehouse of wisdom.” Symbolizing the reason for his crucifixion, the crown figuratively attacked the faith and doctrine Christ preached. By stating that, “The head is a treasury of wisdom,” Sor Juana alludes to the high level of significance at which she holds the mind and is able to lead into her application to her own oppression. The Archbishop and many other men of her time wished to repress Sor Juana’s pursuit of knowledge and thirst for intellectual enrichment. By! punishing and castigating her for her writings, these men, like the crown, were not just tormenting her; they were s.

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