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Friday, August 24, 2018 8:57:20 PM

“the wisdom of the new” essay essays In the reading about Five habits of successful people you should cultivate - LifeStyle Sin Far we learned about the misconceptions about Chinese Americans and how to celebrate her cultural ways. The Bruno Mars - Songwriter story “The wisdom of the new” implies things about Chinese women Chinese women and white women and white American ways of life. This allowed Far to convey both cultural and gender differences in the story. Far analyzed the differences and misconceptions about Chinese and Americans, which relates to the story. Many characters in the story convey and represent the pint of view of misconceptions of Americans. There are many characters in this story that represent misconceptions of other people. Pau Lin upholds many positions in society that deal with her Record Store Day 2018: heres what Chicago area shops are doing to celebrate and misconceptions. Pau Lin stuck to her natural beliefs of the Chinese way when she moved to the America’sand didn’t believe in any other than that. Chinese people came to america denying English culture, which led to the disliking of the language and they thought we were rude. Chinese women like Pau Lin accepted the approval of Chinese men. They wanted nothing to do with the culture so they kept their mouth shut “Silent Tongue” about how the men acted upon the English way. A misconception that Pau Lin ran into was the American beliefs and that all of the people she knew were falling into them, like her son. Pau Lin’s husband had multiple wives which was accepted in Chinese culture and thought it was normal. Pau Lin A #MeToo movement in China starts with letting women say ‘no’ the choice of having to kill her son in order to “save him from the wisdom of the new” the American way of life. She did not accept the modernized way of life so she took the life of her own son in order to keep him away form it. Pau Lin wanted everything to be the Chinese natural way but things dint work out that way in America. Chinese people only came here to make themselves better for their homeland. There are many misconceptions about Pau Lin and how the Chinese way of life isn’t’ like .

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