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Russia's downfall essays t Union underwent radical changes in it's economic doctrines, this was done by adopting a mixed economy, which was termed the New Economic Policy also referred to as NEP. This economy called for some private ownership of the means of essay writing Hatch: Trump may have to give up tax returns, essentially meaning that the majority of industry was made the property of the people, thus, the majority of the means of production was controlled by the govern! ment. (Von Laue, p. 121-22). In 1918, the Bolsheviks became known as the Communist Party. By the spring and summer of 1918, Lenin had successfully introduced communism into Russia, using any finite measures he deemed necessary. (Page, p.119). Lenin's government made many accomplishments. It ended a long civil war against the remnants of the old Czarist military system and established institutions in the government. During this period, and in fact throughout the majority of the Communist rule, censorship and the subordination of interest groups, such as trade unions, was imposed to stop dissension and increase conformity to new WWE Raw Results: The Undertakers Major Announcement and Top Takeaways policies. In 1922, Russia became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Lenin died in 1924, and was quickly succeeded by Joseph Stalin. With the Bolsheviks in power, they Caroline Flack: a timeline of all her past relationships Stalin as the head of the Soviet Communist Party. (Von Laue, p. 125). The oppressive reforms started by Lenin were continued and at length became completely totalitarian. Stalin became the most powerful man in Russia. He controlled the greater part of all the political power and with that he started a ruthless campaign of removing all opposition to the Communist rule. This period became known as the "Great Purge", and Stalin systemically executed anyone who stood in his path. (Stephenson, p. 377). Millions of people were arrested and either harassed or killed. The economic status of the Soviet Union was changed yet again and the entire system became controlled by the government. All private ownership ended. A essay writing Hatch: Trump may have to give up tax returns p.

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