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How to paint an interior room essays Painting an interior room takes a lot of preparation. The first thing you should do is to make sure you have proper ventilation in your room. You should provide for air circulation by using a fan. Next, if you have decided to paint the ceiling as well as the walls, you should begin by removing all fixtures from both. If you have the ceiling lights, you should remove the light cover and paint the ceiling around the light fixture. After that, you must prepare the walls, so you will be removing all of the hardware and fixtures from the walls. You should never do anything with the outlets when the electricity is The 50 greatest Chopin recordings, so make sure it is off at this point before you go any further. You should remove cable TV outlets, all decorations and pictures, electrical outlet plates and any other hardware on the walls. After you've removed everything from the walls, you must cover the receptacles that are left with masking tape. All of the furniture not removed to another room should be moved to the middle of the room. Cover all of this furniture with drop cloths. You are now ready to prepare the walls. You should look at your walls to see if there are any cracks or holes that need to be patched. Chances are you have some holes in your wall from where you have hung pictures or decorations. If you find holes or cracks in your wall, you should use spackle to cover them up. You should apply the spackle with a putty knife. Remove excess spackle and let the areas dry over night. The next day you should sand these areas with fine sandpaper. Make sure your doors are closed, so as not to allow the dust from the sanding to go into Opinion | An End to the Class vs. Race Debate rooms. Once ‘We are against bauxite mining in Agency’ walls are sanded, you should clean them, using a clean sponge and water. The next step in preparing your walls for painting is to tape off the windows and any molding. You should use painter's tape and apply the tape in a straight, even line. It is im.

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