How Ph.D. students can find jobs outside academe appropriate to their discipline (opinion)

Monday, August 20, 2018 3:34:55 AM

Binge drinking essays Binge Drinking Binge drinking has become a large dilemma at college campuses. The problem has not declined in the past four years. Even though an increase in drunkenness, drinking to get drunk, and alcohol-related problems have occurred, trying to minimize drinking at college is useless. Drunkenness at colleges has increased a large amount over the past few years. Some colleges want to minimize this problem along with other alcohol-related problems by developing new policies. Some of these include “three strikes and you’re out,” make the punishment fit the crime, make students aware of alcohol at a younger age, and expand alcohol awareness programs to dorms and student neighborhoods. Going to all this trouble will not make students at colleges drink any less than they already do. Establishing new and harsher ways of punishing students will only cause them to rebel more because they will know that they are getting away with more. Many colleges have harsh ways of punishing alcohol abusers and this has been proven to not be working with the rising numbers of binge drinkers. Also, How Ph.D. students can find jobs outside academe appropriate to their discipline (opinion) schools educate their Answers to 12 questions you may have about using medical marijuana in Florida about alcohol before they leave for college to a great extent. Numerous students only drink to get the drunken feeling and educating them will not lessen their want to experience this feeling. Going to college is a new experience for all students. Drinking is part of the experience for many. Harsher punishments and more education will not reduce the fact that people will go out and get drunk. The only way to reduce this problem is to hope that eventually students will get tired of drinking and hangovers and discontinue participating in it all together. .

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