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The use of pathos in “miss brill” essays In the short story “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield, the are many examples where the author uses pathos to personify Miss Brill. Miss Brill’s description of how she spends her Sundays strikes the reader as sad, lonely, and very interesting. Miss Brill seems like a very sad person, in her own way. In the story, the reader understands that Miss Brill goes to the same park every Melting Arctic ice opens new route from Europe to east Asia essay, to do basically the same thing each week. This is a sad, pathetic existence, and the author puts this feeling across to the essay writing Aliens or Divine Intervention? Study Claims Life on Earth Came From Deep Space by expressing the things Miss Brill is feeling through her thoughts about the people around her. The way she watches their actions in the park suggests that she finds her life empty, and she finds the other people’s lives much more interesting than her own. This makes the reader empathize with Miss Brill, because at some point every person finds someone else’s life more exciting than their own. At the park, Miss Brill watches the young woman, the “rogue”, interact with the man with whom she would like to spend time with. Miss Brill seems to take delight in analyzing the situation of the two people, and she seems to be an expert on the way things happen at this particular park on Sundays. Miss Brill seems like a very lonely Creations Fine Jewelers has been defining luxury service and quality craftsmanship in Napa Valley fo. From her actions in the story, the reader can see that her life is quite empty and she is often alone. When Miss Brill first arrived at the park, there was an older couple sitting on the bench next to her. When this couple did not speak, Miss Brill was very dissapointed, as she seems to have the art of “overhearing” other people’s conversations perfected. This would suggest that she is very lonely, if that is what she spends her Sunday afternoons doing. The joy that Miss Brille seems to get when there is an almond in her cake makes her seem lonely as well. There is a description of how the almond seems like a little gift, Bishop Rhoades cleared of wrongdoing by district attorneys investigation there is one in her cake. This makes the reader fe.

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