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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 4:30:12 PM

Comparison of moulin rouge and blue velvet. essays Comparison of Moulin Rouge and Blue Velvet. Originally this comparison was supposed to be of the lighting and sound of the film. Although I believe I could write pages upon pages on Sound and lighting for Moulin rouge, I would have a difficult time coming Former USC Football Player Sues NCAA Over Unpaid Wages with enough material from Blue Velvet. This in turn would make it difficult to have any good comparisons. So I am going to compare the similarities and differences of lighting, sound, editing and production of each of the films. Since I enjoyed Moulin Rouge immensely more then I did Blue Velvet, I will likely start with my view on that film and then follow with remarks on Blue Velvet. Both Moulin Rouge and Blue Velvet had very different and interesting opening scenes. Moulin Rouge begins where it ends but you know you’re in for something different, and good, when the red theatre curtains open onto the 20th Century Fox logo. Blue Velvet shows you the perfect neighborhood until an old man dies. Then a dog plays and drinks from the dead man’s hose. That’s when you know you got yourself into something twisted. Although both films have a surreal feel to them, Moulin Rouge is by far more fantasy. Fairy’s and beautiful women living in elephants is just not very realistic. I really get the feeling of an indoor carnival or fair minus the rides, animals, and popcorn. Blue Velvet seems surreal because the whole story just seems so unlikely. There are drugged up psychos, but I think David Lynch was the one on drugs. The lighting and Blue. of Moulin Rouge created a visual masterpiece. The film was eye candy and I am disappointed that I didn’t get to see it in theatre. The film Brown 2 starts off in black and white, showing you that this film is in the past. The feeling.

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