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Should drug use be decriminalized? essays Should Drug Use Be Decriminalized? “Nadelmann argues that the present policy [on drugs] does not work and that it is counterproductive. Legalization, he contends, would stop much of the disease, violence, and crime associated with illegal drugs.” Nadelmann then continues with his idea of a realistic drug campaign that The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 1: The All-Over-The-Place Period that drugs are here to stay, and that no matter how many billions of dollars from American taxpayers are utilized in this so-called ‘war against drugs’ there will still be sellers and buyers of illegal drugs. In his policy, the author here presents a compelling argument that America needs to learn the lessons from other countries on how to handle themselves with regard to common sense, public health safety, human rights, and human thinking. I think Nadelmann’s idea presented here is well thought out. Former President Bush asked Congress in 1989 to allocate $10.6 billion dollars for the war on drugs, visioning a total elimination of illicit drugs. Those are some lofty expectations that were never met, and they still haven’t been. The pitfall of Nadelmann’s argument is trusting Congress to unanimously pass this radical policy within the next few years, then all of America’s drug-related problems would be an afterthought. That seems to naive to my liking. Inciardi and Saum argue that “legalization would be madness because drug prohibition seems to be having some very The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 1: The All-Over-The-Place Period effects and…legalizing drugs would not necessarily have a depressant effect on violent crime.” I, personally, would have liked to ask the authors here: why do they think crime happens? Are the criminals here attempting to possess something either of cash or high value to grant them illegal drugs in exchange for Eagle Nest students shine in Rotary Four Way Test essay contest they have stolen? Maybe that’s too easy. Drugs have always been accessible in some way throughout history, easier at sometimes than others. Drugs use is a fact. It will never fade out, this isn.

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